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2018 has shown a record low unemployment rate, and trends suggest the low rates will continue throughout 2019, meaning finding and retaining talented employees has gotten harder for businesses. What may be unfavorable for employers, is great for employees. To keep up with the top talent, companies must work to incorporate different perks and benefits to keep employees productive, happy, and loyal.

Remote Work – This is a perfect way to compromise with employees: you still need ‘x’ amount of work done, but it can be done from the comfort of their pajamas. Employees will feel refreshed by the “time off” and will work to keep themselves as productive as they are in the office. This is just a little give for a whole lot of taking.

Casual Dress – Who doesn’t love making people comfy and happy for free? By enacting a casual dress or business casual dress code, employees can save money on dry cleaning and time getting dressed. Applying a casual dress code will also help employers to compete for talent; in just the past year, businesses who’ve implemented casual dress grew by six percent.

Pet-Friendly Workplace – Before this can even be an option; employers must determine whether this would be a concern for any employees with allergies, as well as how it will play a part in the hiring process. However, surveys have shown that nearly all HR directors and most employees agree that a workplace pet would improve employee morale.

Profit Sharing – Nothing makes people work harder than feeling a direct connection between them, their employers, and the success of the business. By sharing parts of the profit, such as through holiday bonuses or quarterly checks, employees will be more efficient, more loyal, and even happier.

Extra holiday time off – The holidays are the cheeriest of all times, but they are also the busiest. Be mindful of the lives employees have and of the holiday business slow down and allow for some extra time to buy gifts, volunteer, or do whatever it is that makes their holidays special. Whether it be more days off or shorter days, employees will be appreciative and will come back to work ready to succeed.

Paid birthdays off – There is nothing further to discuss. Most people love celebrating their birthdays (and those who don’t, just might after this is implemented); why not make them feel special one day a year?

Drinks and Snacks – This relatively small expense can go a long way in keeping workers happy, focused and comfortable. Not only does the nutrients help employees to stay energized, but it also helps to get their mind focused on work, rather than their lunch break that is a couple of hours away.