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Rather than settling for something that just pays the bills, today’s generation of workers is seeking careers that are more fulfilling. As employers search for ways to keep their workers engaged, they are finding that giving their employee’s decision-making power in certain situations can be the difference between a happy worker or a disgruntled staff member. Read on for four ways employers can involve their employees in the decision-making process at their workplace.


1. Encourage Committees

Workplaces that encourage employees to form committees are working to ensure everyone has a say in the organization. When employees come together as a committee, they are able to consolidate complaints and suggestions throughout the company, allowing these topics to be discussed by all interested parties. Together, these individuals can develop solutions based on what the committee discussed.


2. Create a Suggestion Box

A suggestion box, while seemingly outdated, is a good way for employers to understand what their workers are thinking. By encouraging employees to offer up their suggestions, employers may be able to find out what ideas their workers care about. When making changes to one’s organization based on these suggestions, employers are working to make sure their employees’ needs are met.


3. Offer Employees Choices

In most organizations, changes to the company are often handed down from on high. As these executive decisions are put into place, employees can feel neglected and undervalued. Instead of presenting workers with only one option, employers should do their best to offer their employees choices. When presented with a variety of options, employees will be able to make a decision about what changes they would like to see to the company, rather than being forced to accept whatever happens.


4. Re-think Set Work Hours

Many startups and newer companies are revolutionizing their work day by allowing employees to set their own hours. When workers have the opportunity to choose when they work, they’ll be able to schedule their working time around their most productive hours of the day. By taking measures to ensure workers are outputting the same quality and amount of work, employers will find that with the decision to control their own hours, employees feel more valued.

Running a company requires the expertise and manpower of every team member on board. By applying these four strategies to their workplace, employers will find that their workers are more engaged and ready to accomplish more.