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Creating a company culture doesn’t happen overnight. According to a report, 64% of employees feel their workplace lacks a strong company culture. Workplaces hoping to shift the atmosphere at the office should look to the following suggestions to begin creating their company culture:

1. Start with Empowerment

The culture in a workplace is created through the people that work there. When workers are acknowledged, encouraged, and empowered, they are happy to be at work and feel more fulfilled. These feelings of positivity radiate throughout the workplace, which is an essential part of solidifying a strong corporate culture.

2. Cultivate a Respectful Workplace

To some, respecting others may seem like an obvious part of working with others, but the reality is that many workplaces aren’t respectful. Business owners that intentionally work to cultivate a respectful atmosphere inside the workplace will help to set the tone for how employees and management should treat each other.

3. Care About One Another

The corporate world is known to be cold and cruel. However, this cut-throat mentality robs a company of having a warm and positive corporate culture. In order to ensure a business has a strong company culture, all members of the workplace must care about each other. In this sort of working environment, everyone on board genuinely values and respects their workmates–both on a personal and professional level.

4. Live Out Your Company Culture

Finding a way to carry the company culture wherever one goes is a sign that a company has successfully established a strong company culture. A workplace that truly values their company culture tends to take the attitude and mindset of their workplace’s atmosphere with them when they’re not at work. These individuals live out what they preach as part of their company culture.

Whether it’s encouraging people in their everyday life or valuing and respecting others, every level of the workforce should live out their company culture every day. This continuity in attitude will create an unprecedented level of authenticity and personal responsibility that will work to further strengthen the company culture in the workplace.

Making an effort every day is the best way for business owners to establish a company culture in their workplace. As the corporate mindset begins to shift, both employers and their employees will start to live out and believe in the company culture they have created.