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As the main influenza season approaches, experts are telling employers that they should provide on-site immunizations for the condition. Influenza is a dangerous and highly transmissible disease, but each year, there is a new immunization that targets the most prevalent strains. Here is why having an influenza immunization program at a workplace environment is imperative.

Preventing Absenteeism

When multiple employees have influenza, they will need to take several days off from work to recover. This can lead to a problem with a business that relies on certain workers for their expertise. While an employer might tell a sick employee to come to work anyway, this can lead to transmitting the influenza to additional workers or clientele. In some cases, having an ill employee working with patients, students or customers is a violation of local health codes.

On-site Medical Care Is Fast and Easy

Employers who arrange on-site influenza immunizations can make it fast and easy for their employees to protect themselves from a serious illness. An employer can arrange to have a registered nurse bring in numerous syringes filled with the influenza vaccine, and the employees can have a shot during their lunch breaks. The process is streamlined to complete the medical treatment in a short amount of time.

Establishing a Rapport with the Public

Companies should establish a rapport with the public by doing great things for employees. Advertising an on-site influenza immunization event is an excellent way to tell customers or clients that a business wants the best medical care for its employees. Place banners at a business’s entranceway to alert employees to the access to an immunization for influenza, and also, inform customers about the different ways to protect their health.

 Reducing the Cost of Health Care for Employees
An employer can make the immunization process for influenza more affordable by offering on-site care. A company’s health insurance provider can offer information about finding low-cost influenza immunizations from a local government’s health department. In addition to providing immunizations for the employees, an employer can offer the service to the families of workers so that they won’t need to stay home to care for a sick spouse or child.