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As a manager or business owner, the relationship that you have with your employees often determines their loyalty to the company. Showing that you care about them is integral to establishing trust and creating a team. If you want to show your employees that you care, there are a few essential tips to follow.

Take an Interest in Their Personal Life

As an employer, you’ll want to show that you care about the individual who works for you by taking an interest in their personal life. Ask about their family, their kids, and what they enjoy doing on the weekends to get to know them better and form a friendship. To keep it professional, remind your team that you don’t view them as workhorses or employees and care about their overall well-being.


Communicating is essential to stay on the same page as your employee and help them to trust you. Remain transparent with your interactions and avoid shielding them from the truth, which can hurt their professional development in the workplace. Offering honest feedback in a gentle but constructive way can allow them to have more appreciation for your role in their life.

Sending a card or email around the holidays that expresses your gratitude will also speak volumes to your employer. Taking the time to show how much you value them can allow your team to feel appreciated, which can motivate them to work harder and remain loyal to the company.

Create Opportunities

Your employees will know that you care about them if you do what you can to create new opportunities for them. Ask them to lead a meeting or invite them to a training session to ensure that they have the opportunity to grow and develop. You can also provide them with new tasks to take on to ensure they become more well-versed in their position.

Offer Your Time

Being available is necessary to ensure that you’re easy to reach, which shows that you care about your employees. Set aside time where they can ask questions or address certain concerns. You can also schedule periodic meetings to review their work and offer tips or advice to ensure that they can continue to perform well due to your input.