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When spending several hours in the workplace each day, it can be common for stress levels to rise due to impending deadlines and a busy schedule. If a stressful environment is created, it can make it difficult to remain productive and have clarity. If you’re ready to create a stress-free work environment, there are a few basic tips to follow.

Organize the Space

Clutter that is present in the office can make it easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed as you attempt to get work done each day in the setting. A disorganized space can also waste time as you try to find important utensils or documents and have to shuffle through loose papers and junk in your desk drawers. Organizing your workstation can offer clarity and will allow you to feel in control of the office.

You can also scan important documents to your computer and shred the paper copies to eliminate paperwork that is stacked on your desk.

Make it a point to clean up your workspace at the end of each day to ensure that you can get started on the right foot when you come back into the office the next morning.

Include Personal Touches

Personal touches are necessary to help you maintain your peace when you’re trying to get through a busy workday. Add framed photos of your loved ones on your desk, which can lift your mood or allow you to feel calm when you’re juggling different tasks. You can also add a cheery calendar on the wall or inspiring artwork to make the space your own.

According to, adding plants to the office is also a proven way to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. You can beautify your desk and obtain health benefits that improve the quality of your day.

Use a Standing Desk

More people are using standing desks as they work, which is an effective way of boosting your productivity. Standing desks are useful in increasing energy levels and will allow you to avoid adopting a sedentary lifestyle. Sit-stand desks are also helpful and allow you to sit or stand each day. Standing more frequently will make it easier to focus more and avoid distractions, which will be useful in combatting stress in the office.