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Keeping good employees happy and motivated is not always an easy task. Such a mission might be especially difficult when potential incentives do not include more money. Therefore, many companies ponder what other incentives can they can offer its workforce?



Recognition goes a long way in expressing gratitude and appreciation for the efforts an employee puts forth. When a specific staff member accomplishes a worthy task, he or she should be thanked if not publicly recognized for the achievement.


Take An Active Interest

A company’s management team may keep its employees productive and hard working by expressing an active interest in them. Inquiring about their hobbies, the welfare of their families or the communities they reside in shows that management cares about its staff and thinks of such individuals as people and not merely as bodies hired to do a job.



Sometimes simple things like trust, flexibility and a certain degree of autonomy will motivate employees to maintain a solid level of productivity and enthusiasm.


Clear And Effective Communication

Many employees respect when their superiors communicate directives and expectations clearly and effectively.


Group Outings

Staff members might enjoy an outing such as a picnic in a park, attendance at a sporting event or a gathering at a local bar as a way of breaking the tension and enjoying themselves in relaxed environment.


Flexible Hours

Do not mandate a typical nine to five workday. This type of flexibility promotes a less structured environment that shows employees that the organization has faith in them to do their jobs a bit more on their own schedules.


Additional Responsibilities

Some employees might respond well to being bestowed new or added responsibilities. Additional work or the assignment of important tasks can show a staff member that management has faith in his or her ability to carry out important functions.


Participation In The Incentive Process

Inventory staff members and ask them the type of incentives they would like to see the company offer. After obtaining such feedback, management might choose to create some of the specific incentives suggested which could provide an additional reason for the company’s workforce to strive for.


Career Advancement Opportunities

A company might incentivize its manpower by offering career advancement opportunities such as technical classes or programs that enable them to obtain a greater degree of skills or educational opportunities.