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There are many reasons companies can fail. Poor budgeting, poor economy, bad advertising, and many more instances can cause companies to fail. However, companies can also fail due to a lack of new ideas and change. Great ideas and progressive change do not always have to come from CEOs or upper management within a company. They can come from anywhere within the company from entry-level to company owners. There just has to be someone willing and able to listen. Managers can learn much from their employees as long as they take the time to listen to their ideas.

Employees may have amazing ideas. They could have multiple ideas that could drastically improve the company or move the company in the right direction. However, these ideas are worthless if employees do not have a good line of communication with their managers. Employees need to know how to contact their managers about the ideas they have. They also need to know how to go about presenting their ideas to their managers. More importantly, employees need to know their ideas will be heard and considered by their managers. Many times, employees hold ideas back because they don’t believe they will actually be heard. When employees present an idea, they are relying completely on their managers to pass their ideas along. Managers are the connecting force between a great idea and carrying out the idea.

When a company is known to keep up with modern technology and new ideas, this company is set up to succeed. It not only keeps the talented employees they already have, but it also attracts new talent and new ideas. People want to work for a company who works hard to keep the company growing and evolving. In addition, employees will want to stay with a company that listens to them and considers their ideas. These employees thrive and create new ideas and changes within the company. When a team is led by a manager that listens, this team will excel and thrive.

A great company is built by great leaders. Whether a manager is managing a small team or many different teams, a great leader is the beginning of great ideas. Managers have the ability to learn from employees as long as they are willing to pay attention and listen. With good communication, managers and employers can grow and learn from each other.