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It’s no secret that meetings can be some of the biggest productivity killers. They take up valuable time and interrupt the thinking process. Many people despise meetings and wish to eliminate them all together. While it may be impossible to delete every meeting on the calendar, there are a few strategies that can be implemented to significantly reduce the number of meetings that must be attended.

  1. Meeting-Free Time Sections

One of the biggest complaints about meetings is the fact that they interrupt one’s train of thought and make it nearly impossible to schedule long blocks of working time. Some companies choose to block out the entire morning, while others pick a certain day of the week that is meeting-free. Many people find that they are more productive in the morning than in the afternoon. By blocking out the peak productivity times, it allows employees to get the most out of their day and decreases frustration. Even if just one day a week is blocked out as a meeting-free day, it can increase company productivity significantly.

  1. Hold Meetings Once A Week

Instead of blocking out meetings just one day a week, why not just delegate them all to one day? Some companies are only holding meetings one day a week, and still getting great results. One CEO, Mattan Griffel, tells Fast Company that he only holds meetings on Wednesdays. Mattan says that this creates big chunks of working time, and it prevents you from going to unimportant meetings. By making people wait to meet with you on a specific day, it automatically eliminates useless meetings. People who don’t want to accommodate your schedule are people you probably don’t want to meet with anyways.

  1. Calendar Checks And Time Slashes

Meetings on the company calendar should be evaluated every quarter. One of the first things to do is to cut down the time slot for each meeting by 5 or ten minutes. It’s amazing how much can still be accomplished in a shorter period of time. At the start of the week, eliminate any meetings that don’t line up with your goals for that week. Some meetings can even take place within a Google document or an email. Cutting out non-important meetings will save precious time that could better use elsewhere.