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Every generation has differences. This is a natural response to the differences in upbringing. Millennials have largely been given a bad rap for being less than stellar employees. While this may be true for select individuals, it is a largely exaggerated sentiment. With a huge technology rift dividing gen-Xers and millennials, the workplace is going to require some compromise from everyone to make it agreeable and functional. If you have millennials on your team, try some of the following strategies to create harmony and productivity. 

Encourage Relationship Building

One of the most important aspects of work life for millennials is relationship building. For the most part, millennials are team oriented and enjoy working together with people they have developed a connection with. By isolating employees and expecting them to solely do work on their own, it is likely that productivity will fall and less will be accomplished in general. This can be addressed by encouraging team building activities for new employees to quickly introduce them to the current members and bring them into the fold in a relaxed environment.

Never Underestimate The Value Of Appreciation

A simple compliment or other form of showing appreciation can go a long way with millennial employees. Millennials have grown up being told that they are ungrateful or poor employees and many go out of the way to disprove that myth. Simply recognizing an employee for a job well done is one hundred percent free but can improve the profits of the business by increasing the willingness of a millennial to go above and beyond again in the future.

Try Out A Coaching Relationship

For many, operating under a coaching relationship can greatly improve overall work performance. Far too many bosses employ a superior and inferior relationship. While this may have worked in the past, millennials will respond far better to a relationship which values learning from an experienced professional. By showing the employee what skills they can gain as opposed to only acting as an authoritarian figure, productivity can be greatly increase and an amicable relationship can be more quickly developed.

Millennials will someday be the largest portion of the workforce in the United States. By adopting the strategies listed above as well as a few others, businesses can see their productivity far outperform the competition.