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Synter has long believed in investing in our employees and making sure that they have all the tools they need to do their jobs well, including balancing their work responsibilities with some fun and relaxation. From an economic standpoint, investing in “time off” allows employees to do their jobs even better when they return because they feel relaxed, valued, and refreshed. We also simply care about our team members as people, and taking them all on a fun break was our pleasure.

Synter Resource Group Management Outing March 2018 from Synter Resource Group on Vimeo.

In mid March, we sent our leadership team on two separate adventures. One team visited the WIld Blue Ropes Adventure Park on Charleston, South Carolina. There, our brave teammates harnessed up and participated in challenging obstacle courses that required them to climb to new heights, cross rickety rope bridges, and trust each other for balance and support. Activities like these helped our team members practice trust, balance, listening, and encouraging each other to the finish line.

The other team attended Bottles and Brushes, a local “painting with a twist” company, where an instructor helped them each create a work of art. Teaching basic techniques and strategies, the facilitator lead the team through the process of creating a painting from start to finish so that, by the end, each person had their own unique take on a bridge landscape during dusk. Each of the paintings hung in John Bello’s office for passers by to view and vote on their favorite.

Synter takes these managers’ outings seriously because it’s important that our team members know we value and appreciate them. Managers have to do a lot of the thankless work that makes our business work and makes our employees successful in their jobs every day, and we’re honored to have the opportunity to thank our managers in a tangible and fun way.

We also do what we can do help support other local businesses as we run these activities. That way, Synter can hit two birds with one stone. Our managers get to enjoy an outing together, and we can support our fellow Charleston businesses, both by buying their services and by promoting them on social media to our friends and followers.

All in all, our managers had a great time at this past month’s bonding activities, and we’re looking to top ourselves even more next quarter!