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There are many ways a company can strive to maintain a staff of valuable, efficient employees. One way is by hosting an Employee Appreciation Day. This is a fun event featuring activities, prizes and refreshments that appeal to a team of employees. Consider four ideas for a company that wants to show appreciation for its employees.

A Special Lunch for Employees

Hosting a special lunch is an easy, yet effective way for a company to show appreciation for its workers. One idea is to take an informal poll of the types of food most employees prefer. Then, have lunch catered by a restaurant specializing in that type of cuisine.

A Gift Bag Giveaway

Create a gift bag full of desirable things for employees. A bag full of miscellaneous items is especially fun. Some suggestions include gift cards to local restaurants, candy, a new lanyard, tickets to a sporting event, valuable coupons, snacks and other little treats. The gift bag itself can be an attractive, reusable bag or maybe one employees can use to pack their lunch each day.

Host a Game Day

Most people enjoy playing board games. So, a company can designate a day when employees can bring in their favorite board game. In addition, workers can enjoy extra time at lunch to play the game with co-workers. This event also helps with team-building. Another idea is for a company to rent a ping-pong table, pinball machine or air hockey table for workers to play on during break times.

Rewards for Special Accomplishments

A company can have exciting competitions on Employee Appreciation Day. For instance, an office of salespeople can compete for a prize of concert tickets for the person who sells the most products that day. Another office may offer a restaurant gift card to the employee who gets the most positive feedback from customers that day. Prizes can be given to the employee who wears the silliest tie or the most colorful socks. The competition can be serious and lighthearted to make the day more memorable.

Lastly, these are just four ideas for a company interested in hosting an Employee Appreciation Day. Oftentimes, employees themselves have great ideas on what they’d most like to do on this day. You can always send out a TypeForm or Google Form to poll your employees on how they would like to be appreciated. They may surprise you with an out-of-the-box idea you never would have thought up but would mean the world to them.