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The goal of human resources has always been to find and retain the best workers. With that goal in mind, a recent article in Forbes by its Human Resources Council has listed several trends for today’s HR function.


Today’s workers want to know that corporations appreciate the diversity they bring to the table. HR departments realize this fact and are now beginning to self-report their company’s efforts in that department. Where once businesses were forced to detail their success in hiring certain groups, those same organizations are realizing that their corporate image and brands gain significantly by highlighting purposeful efforts to maintain a diverse shop.

Gig Defense

As today’s workers opt to stake their own claim and work as freelances, corporations are being led to keep their talents in house. HR departments are creating more flexible work plans and allowing more and more employees to work at home rather than leave to start their own consulting or freelance shops. This trend for defending against the gig economy places are premium on talent and realizes that it is better to keep a top employee than to share that brain with one’s competitors and the market at-large.

Redefining Manager and Supervisor Roles

There is a distinct difference between a manager and a supervisor. HR departments are aware of this difference and are working to put their best people in the individual roles that suit them best. While a manager might now be good at motivating employees, a supervisor might not be the best at visionary tasks, like that required of managers. Assessing each person’s talents and placing them where they will best succeed, is becoming a trend in HR. And this facet of the function, leads to the company’s overall success.

CFO Job Leveling

Are those ping-pong Friday’s a good idea? Should we or do we really need an in-facility day care? More and more, these questions are becoming the domain of today’s corporate CFO. The trend for HR to determine if the jobs are being adequately compensated and appropriately defined – within the organization – is quickly becoming one of the big trends shaping HR today.

Overall, the job of HR is the same as it always was – find and retain the best people. These four mentioned trends are aspects of that overall goal. And these four trends may or may not be around tomorrow or next year. But the goal of HR will remain and that will be job number for today and tomorrow for HR.