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At Synter Resource Group, we understand that our jobs aren’t the most active or conducive to staying in shape. A lot of our employees spend the majority of their day on the phone in their chairs diligently placing calls and handling customer support questions.

We help negate the excess sitting in our office a few ways on a regular basis. We encourage healthy snacking, for instance. We also lead office yoga and stretching to help release stress, stretch muscles that don’t get a lot of movement, and facilitate some team bonding among our employees. It’s been proven that excess sitting can cause medical problems that can shave years off a person’s life. From the cardiovascular issues to the muscle stiffness to the reverberating lifestyle effects of sloth, sitting can prove disastrous. Some have even called sitting the new smoking.

As far as keeping off unwanted weight, Synter Resource Group decided that we needed to take a real stake in the wellbeing of our employees by offering an incentive for losing weight and keeping it off. We’re offering cash prizes to help our employees not only get healthy but stay healthy. Here’s what we decided to do.

Synter Resource Group has had great success in the past with our Biggest Loser competition, and we are looking for motivated individuals to join us for this competition. This competition will be a little bit different from an accountability stand up. Please see the details below and if you’re committed, let’s do this!

When: March 19th thru June 1, 2018

Initial weigh-in: March 19th 8:30-9:30 AM

It costs $25.00, per person, to buy in at the beginning of the competition. If a person should decide to quit prior to the final weigh in on June 1, 2018, they’ll be charged a $25 forfeiters’ fee.

In addition, any weight gained will result in $1 per pound. Any fraction of a pound gained gets rounded to the next pound. That is, if a contestant gains 1.4 lbs from the previous weigh-in, that person will be expected to pay $2 at the time of weigh-in.

For the sake for fairness, we’ll have men and women competing separately, and there will be 2 separate categories: One for the most number of pounds lost, and one for the highest percentage of weight lost. Also, it’s entirely possible for one person to win both of those categories, so let’s get losing!

It’s important to us that our people enjoy long and healthy lives, so we decided to actively contribute to that.