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Everyone has habits they wish they could fix. This doesn’t mean you’re not good enough for your work, it just means you need some strategies to improve. If you don’t do this, you could miss out on major opportunities for advancement in your career. So take a look at the tips for fixing bad habits below so you can take advantage of future opportunities at work:

Arriving Late

It’s a fact of life that everyone is late every now and then. However, if you are like many people, you may have found that this is a bad habit you have fallen into. If you don’t correct it, you could find that you soon don’t have a job. Or you might just be demoted or passed over for a big raise by your boss.

To fix this issue, create a simple rule for yourself: you will get to work 15 minutes early every day. How will you spend the extra time? Read a book, catch up on social media, or anything that you would otherwise do at home or during your lunch break. You’re using up the same net amount of time, but you’re making yourself look way better to your superiors.

Water Cooler Gossip

Everyone is tempted to get into conversation and take a lot of breaks throughout the day. However, not only can this be seen as slacking off, it can actually create bad will with other employees if they hear you gossiping. Make a habit of avoiding getting involved in any conversations that talk poorly about others.

Focusing On “Hours” Instead of Results

Many people are tempted to focus on how much time they spent at work or on a particular project. They feel this represents how much value they’re bringing to the table. Cut this habit, and replace it with a habit of focusing only on the outcomes and results that you’re able to achieve, regardless of taking 5 minutes or 5 hours.

In today’s world, the workplace is a competitive endeavor. Long gone are the days where you could simply clock in and sit around half the day and collect your paycheck (not to mention retirement pensions and guaranteed work). You need to be diligent today to fix your issues that you’re having with bad habits. That way, you can enjoy a long and steady career that rewards you with a great paycheck and more.