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With all the political fervor, business anxiety, and personal development gurus out there peddling fear and terror, it’s important to go back to the basics now and again and simply read a book. Book sellers are looking forward to books touching on personal integrity, achievement balanced with rest, and positive habits for nonfiction this year. For the business and economics sections in particular, here are the two big breakout books we’ll be reading this year. 

When To Jump By: Mike Lewis

Almost everyone has experienced the feeling of being stuck in a job that we do not have our full heart in. It is a painful process to come to the realization that we just are not cut out for the work that we are doing. It may not even be that necessarily, but it may just be that we do not enjoy the life that we have built for ourselves.

This book covers the idea of when it is a good choice to just take a leap of faith and go into a different field. Sometimes we just have to trust our instincts and understand that they are trying to show us the way towards the things that we truly desire.

Rise And Grind By: Daymond John

Do you need a book that will kick you in the backside and challenge you? There are plenty of us who could use a motivational boost like that. This is just the book for you if that is how you have been feeling as of late. Daymond John is already famous for his appearances on Shark Tank on CNBC, but now he wants to share his secrets with you. He wants to explore how you can use the skills that you already have to build up a business out of nothing. He has done it, so he already has the skills necessary to share with you how to get this done. 

This book will inspire you as well as challenge you to be the best self that you can be. Both of these collections are worth a read in this new year. Sometimes that it is all it takes to really get inspired to make the changes in your business life that you know you need to make.